Texas Ibex Hunting at Forister Exotics

Texas Ibex Hunting at Forister Exotics

Texas Ibex 5

I had the pleasure of hunting with Bob and Keith this weekend. Keith wanted a Texas Ibex for the wall and wanted to take one with his bow and hopefully be able to train his new blood dog TJ a little in the process. First evening of the hunt Keith sat in one of our box stands and I fed corn down the road in front of him. It didn’t take long and I could see Texas Ibex in the brush before I left the set up to take Bob to his stand. After both hunters where in their stands the plan was to let them sit till dark. After a couple of hours I get a phone call from Bob’s wife saying their was a business emergency and she needed to talk to Bob ASAP I mentioned he was on stand and I would hate to drive in and ruin his evening but if she thought I should then I would. Well she said she thought it was important so off I went to pick up bob. After that matter was resolved there wasn’t enough time to get him back in a stand so he said lets go check on Keith he probably shot a Texas Ibex by now! So away we went and as we rounded the corner to his set up we could see a Texas Ibex laying in the brush not moving so we knew he had found success. The rage broadhead didn’t leave much of a job for Keith’s dog to train on as the Texas Ibex only made it 30 yards and fell. Congrats Keith on a fine trophy Texas Ibex.

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