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Summer Special Axis

Forister Exotics Archery Axis Hunts


A great Axis Buck taken on a mid summer archery hunt. We hunted hard and endured the heat but this Great Axis Buck finally gave in to the need for Water and taken at 40 yards. After a quick tracking job we found him piled up and proceeded to take pictures and headed to the skinning rack. Congrats on a great summer time Axis Archery hunt!

Mouflon Sales Tactic

Mouflon Hunts at Forister Exotics

Doug Mouflon

After the shot Doug called it my Mouflon Sales tactic, That is to drive around continuously looking at big Mouflon and the hunter or someone in the truck will eventually say ” I’ll shoot that one” !! Well we had been looking for a couple of fallow bucks for a good part of the day for another hunter in the group and we had already harvested a nice Blackbuck. We kept running into a group of Mouflon and this time I guess they were just tired of running away from us and we got a chance to really look at them and pick out a good old Mouflon Ram. Once we had our Mouflon Ram picked out Doug was quick to pull the trigger and made a tough quartering shot that stopped the Mouflon in his tracks. Once we got up on him we quickly realized we had a a pretty nice old Mouflon on our hands. Congrats Doug and this one will go great on the wall.

July Axis in The Heat!!

July Axis Buck Down

axis 101

On a trip in July we had Dan braving the heat with his bow on a Trophy Axis Buck Hunt. We started the hunt off keying on brush where the Axis Deer have been traveling close to a water source. After seeing some nice Axis Bucks we decided to place a second stand closer to the travel route as the Axis Bucks kept skirting the set up. First set in the new stand and this Axis buck came in to 25 yards and Dan let him have it! Congrats Dan on a great axis with the bow.

Texas Ibex Hunting at Forister Exotics

Texas Ibex Hunting at Forister Exotics

Texas Ibex 5

I had the pleasure of hunting with Bob and Keith this weekend. Keith wanted a Texas Ibex for the wall and wanted to take one with his bow and hopefully be able to train his new blood dog TJ a little in the process. First evening of the hunt Keith sat in one of our box stands and I fed corn down the road in front of him. It didn’t take long and I could see Texas Ibex in the brush before I left the set up to take Bob to his stand. After both hunters where in their stands the plan was to let them sit till dark. After a couple of hours I get a phone call from Bob’s wife saying their was a business emergency and she needed to talk to Bob ASAP I mentioned he was on stand and I would hate to drive in and ruin his evening but if she thought I should then I would. Well she said she thought it was important so off I went to pick up bob. After that matter was resolved there wasn’t enough time to get him back in a stand so he said lets go check on Keith he probably shot a Texas Ibex by now! So away we went and as we rounded the corner to his set up we could see a Texas Ibex laying in the brush not moving so we knew he had found success. The rage broadhead didn’t leave much of a job for Keith’s dog to train on as the Texas Ibex only made it 30 yards and fell. Congrats Keith on a fine trophy Texas Ibex.