Blackbuck 4 big

The Blackbuck Antelope is native to the Indian Subcontinent and has flourished in Texas since being introduced in the state in the early 1930s. Blackbuck Antelope typically live in herds of 5 to 50 animals and are known for their jumping ability and speed which can approach 50 miles per hour in open terrain. These athletic attributes, combined with their corkscrewing horns which typically grow to 18-23 inches straight line measures, have made the Blackbuck Antelope a favorite with big game hunters.

At Forister Exotics the two ranches terrain make excellent habitat for these graceful animals. Our large, healthy, genetically superior herds provide hunters with ample opportunities to harvest a trophy Blackbuck Antelope. And because Texas does not impose seasonal restrictions on the Blackbuck, the antelope can be hunted year ’round.

Whether hunting with a rifle, black powder weapon or bow, our experienced hunting guides customize your antelope hunt to match your specific experience and hunting technique to ensure the greatest possible shot opportunity.

  •  TROPHY FEE: $2250.00  




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