At Forister Exotics we are very open minded to our hunters needs or requirements and realize people are busy so we employ a daily hunting program instead of package deals. We recommend 2 days for most species and some may take 2-4 days especially bow hunting. Different times of the year and the range conditions will typically determine how many days you should plan to hunt. So adding days as long as the schedule will permit is typically not a problem.


Forister Exotics Offers hunts on a daily basis instead of package deals for a set number of days. Daily rates include 1 guide, transportation to and from the blinds, and skinning and quartering your harvest. Our daily rate is $150.00 per day and on rifle hunts can be split between 3 hunters. For archery hunts the $150 is per day per hunter However with our archery hunts you do not pay your daily rates if you harvest an animal. Once you draw blood your daily rates get subtracted from the trophy fee and that is your balance. If you do not harvest an animal on either hunt you only have your daily rates lodging and meals if we are providing them.

Lodging Rates :

Forister Ranch 3-27-10

Lodge 1                                                                                                                          Forister Exotics Offers the lodge which is a 3 bedroom ranch house built in 1919 that sleeps 10 comfortably. For groups this is a great option to have everyone in one spot. The lodge comes with a fully furnished kitchen, there is a grill out back with a fire pit and a few games such as horse shoes and washers to pass the time while not hunting. Up stairs is a big dining and TV area with a full bathroom. The lodge is fully furnished with sheets, pillows and towels for the shower. We price the lodge as a per night group rate:

1-4 People – $100.00  5-8 People – $125.00  8-12 People – $150

Lodge 2                                                                                                                               For couples or the loud snorer in the group we have a 1 bedroom apartment type building  with bathroom and kitchen sleeps up to 4 guests.

1-4 People  $60.00

Lodge 3                                                                                                                                      If you need more room we have another small cottage on the Edwards county ranch that will sleep another 6-8 guests that can be utilized.

1-8 people $100.00

Lodge 4                                                                                                                                       This lodge is on the Real county ranch and is a small cottage. IT will sleep up to 6 guests. This lodge has a kitchen and everything at your disposal.

1-6 People – $100.00

Meals :

At Forister Exotics we know some people want to get away and have no hassle and be catered to. We know some folks like to go to hunting camp and cook! No problem at all. Forister Exotics offers the option for you to tell us what you want to do. If you would like to bring your own groceries and cook for your group or share the duties amongst your group that is fantastic. If you want the no hassle approach we provide 3 meals a day and charge the following daily rate:

Adults – $60.00     Children under 14years old – $40      Children under 5 – No charge


I know all these fees might have you scratching your head so here is an example. Joe calls me and books a party of 3 to come Rifle hunt for 2 days with meals and lodging in the main lodge. Joe shoots a nice Axis buck on his hunt.

Joe’s Tab would be : $50 x 2  hunting daily rate  ($100) 33.33 x 2 Lodging rate ($66.66) Meals $60 x 2 ($120.00) and then his Trophy fee for the Axis buck ( $1850.00 )                      Total comes to $2136.66

Joe’s Daily Fees amounted to less the $150/Day where most places you will pay $250/Day.


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