At Forister Exotics the ranches are under strict management plans in order to get the maximum potential out of each species we raise. We have kept animals of pure breed quality separated, by doing this, we believe we can offer our hunters as close to pure bred animals that can be found.

Currently on the ranches we have 29 different species to offer. If we do not have a species you are looking for on our ranches that you are looking for, we can find it. We have access to multiple ranches in the area and across the state.

Current Species Available:        

  • Axis                                                           Both Ranches
  • Blackbuck                                                Both Ranches
  • Sika – 3 species                                       Both Ranches
  • Fallow – 3 Colors                                      Both Ranches
  • European Mouflon                                  Both Ranches  
  • Armenian Mouflon                                   Real County Ranch
  • Iranian Red Sheep                                  Real County Ranch
  • Aoudad   (Barbary Sheep)                      Both Ranches
  • Texas Dall Sheep                                    Real County Ranch
  • Black Hawaiian Sheep                            Real County Ranch
  • Painted Desert Sheep                            Real County Ranch
  • Jacobs  4-Horn Sheep                            Real County Ranch
  • Corsican Rams                                         Real County Ranch
  • TX Ibex                                                      Edwards County Ranch
  • Persian Ibex                                              Real County Ranch
  • Catalina Goats                                          Real County Ranch
  • Angora Goats                                            Both Ranches
  • Elk                                                               Real County Ranch
  • European Red Stag                                  Both Ranches
  • American Bison                                         Real County Ranch
  • Watusi                                                         Edwards County Ranch
  • Scimitar Horned Oryx                               Edwards County Ranch
  • Gemsbok Oryx                                           Real County Ranch
  • Addax                                                          Real County Ranch
  • Common Eland                                      Edwards County Ranch



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