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Straight A Blackbuck

Forister Exotics Blackbuck Hunts


A parents incentive for good grades and good behavior, not that this young man needs incentive for either but a deal is a deal no less. After a year of Straight A’s Doug brought his son out to harvest a Blackbuck. This young man practices with his cross bow on a regular basis and is a crack shot!! after a couple sits and numerous close encounters this Blackbuck finally decided to stand quartering long enough to allow Brennan to smoke a bolt right through the pocket! After a very short tracking job this young man had his Trophy Blackbuck in hand and a huge smile on his face!

Down to Blackbuck

Forister Exotics Blackbuck Hunts

Brody blackbuck

After a long morning chasing Axis this Blackbuck made the mistake of standing around to long. Brody was after Axis but had mentioned if we could get on a good Blackbuck also he might take one as well. The group this guy was running with ran into the cedar so I dropped Keith and Brody off and told them I would make a lap around the brush and they should come back out in the open. They did just what we wanted to just never held still before they made their way out of the clearing and down into the canyon. Keith knew the steep terrain would slow them down a little so he and Brody took off to the edge to try and catch up. As we waited at the top of the hill we finally heard the gun bark and the slap of a well placed shot. We made our way down to the scene in the buggy and snapped a few pics and loaded this nice Blackbuck up to take him to the cleaning shed. Congrats Brody on a good Blackbuck.

Quick Blackbuck Hunt

Forister Exotics Blackbuck Hunts

Dan Blackbuck

Dan made his way back to Forister Exotics in search of a good Blackbuck. We took a look around the first day and ended up spotting a few good Blackbuck we just couldn’t get close enough to get a shot. After another morning of looking at animals we pulled into one of the pastures and this guy gave us a look. with it being early in the hunt we decided to keep looking. After lunch we came back and fed corn in a couple spots and ended up going after the same Blackbuck we let pass earlier that morning. We managed to catch up to him and Dan was able to get a shot off. The Blackbuck jumped and ran 50 yards or so. We watched him fall and made our way over to him. After we took a few pictures we made our way to the skinning pole. After examining the bullet damage on the inside we where all scratching our heads how this Blackbuck took a single step. We found practically nothing left of the heart. Anyways Dan the man with a great shot and a took a great Trophy Blackbuck back to New Mexico to be mounted. Congrats Dan on a great Blackbuck.

Blackbuck Down

Forister Exotics Blackbuck Hunts

Dave Blackbuck

Dave had come down to Forister Exotics and taken an Elk, Addax and Axis Buck already in 2014 and was back for a good Blackbuck Hunt. We decided to safari style hunt while the other 2 hunters that came along with him this trip where in the stands hunting their animals in another pasture. We made our way into the back pasture and made a couple laps looking for the blackbuck. After not seeing any Blackbuck for a while we finally spotted one about a mile away in a big open flat. As we made our way around the pasture to try to get to the blackbuck we came across a giant Mouflon standing on the edge of the brush. Dave was tempted to take this mouflon since it was such a brute but decided to move forward and try to get on the Blackbuck. Once we got to the ridge he was on I guess the blackbuck had moved back into the brush. As we sat glassing for him we spotted another blackbuck on the next ridge over and decided to make our way over to him. We got to him and as we approached he made a mad dash for the cedar. I decided to put out a little corn down the road to see if he would come back out and we would get up behind a clump of cedar and wait. Sure enough a few minutes later the Blackbuck made his way out very slowly. The blackbuck finally turned and Dave mad a great shot at over 200 yards. The buck Jumped probably 10 feet in the air doing a half twist back flip and hit the ground running. Dave steadied for another shot and before he could make it the Blackbuck crashed down. We both looked at each other in amazement and after examining the shot we couldn’t believe the blackbuck made the jump and run. Well with another fine trophy to add to the wall 2014 came to close. Thank you Dave and congrats on a fine Blackbuck.

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