First Whitetail of 2014-2015 Season

Forister Exotics Whitetail Hunts

heimer wt2

Well the first weekend of archery whitetail season came and went without much excitement on the whitetail end of things but we finished the 2nd weekend with some excitement. Doug brought his father Louis out for a good whitetail and I think we got a good one. The hunting was really slow and being a bow hunt we didn’t have a lot of options. Doug and Louis sat over a feeder in a popup blind for 2 days seeing tons of deer at one point they had 28 deer in front of them but mostly young deer and doe and a few exotics. Each sit we did something a little different either by adjusting the feed time, run time, corn with the truck, corn without the truck, just trying to coax one of the bigger bucks to make a mistake and come in. The second morning they thought one of the big boys came in and fed before daylight but before it got to legal light he was gone. So after the last morning hunt I asked Doug what he though if maybe we tried to make a couple pushes just to see if we could locate one of the bigger whitetail deer and maybe just maybe make a play on him. Doug and Louis  agreed it might be worth a shot. Well first pass 2 big deer slipped pass out of range so we decided to try again in another spot. Once they got set up I left and got around the pasture to try to push again and I saw a group of good whitetail bucks. I knew it was about to get interesting. I started slowly trying to get them to cooperate and go the right direction. Once I felt they where and would come out to the right opening I proceeded to push them. They got around and came right across in front of Louis and after looking them over he decided this buck was his best shot being closest to him and having a few of the deer already down wind of them he knew they would probably spook very soon. So once he settled the crossbow and got the deer in his sights he let one fly and drove it into the Whitetail bucks shoulder. From where I was I heard the shot and the impact and I thought it sounded good so I made my way up to where they where set up. Doug was congratulating his dad so I knew it must have been a good shot. After a short track job we found this great whitetail buck at the end of the blood trail. All that was left to do was get some pics of the happy hunter and get him to the skinning pole. The deer scored right at the B&C line 172″ Congrats Louis on a whitetail buck of a lifetime!!

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