Whitetail Season on the Horizon!

It is getting down to that time of year again. Guys start lining up weekends to be at the lease bartering the house hold chores like poker chips in Vegas with the wife. Banking those brownie points so the can get out of going to their wife’s cousins wedding or couples baby shower!! Every other truck on 10 headed west on Fridays are loaded down with quads and polaris ATVs, new feeders, corn, supplies for the cabin. Small towns are bustling with the renewed energy of the upcoming season. For some the year round lease is the way to go and some do not have the time and energy to put into the grind of managing the lease year round. For those guys they choose to come to a place like Forister Exotics and have a chance to harvest a great trophy and leave having a great hunt in their memory bank to look back on. That is until they get the call from the Taxidermy company that their Trophy is ready to be picked up. Looking at the more the 30,000 camera pictures from the last month I am excited about the season to come. We have some great whitetail both improved genetics and in our hill country managed pastures. I am sitting here looking at the calendar and I am seeing a pretty busy hunting season but I have some dates open in November and December so If any of you guys who do not choose to do the year long lease or maybe you lost your spot on the lease this year and are looking for a hunt till you find the right place, give me a call and come have a hunt you will not soon forget. You can see some of the exotics we have been shooting through the summer in my previous posts but here are some cam pics I have been filtering through.


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