Houston Controls Summer Hunt 2014

Houston Controls made it to the ranch midday Friday and the guys were ready to get on some Axis deer. After a trip to the range and unloading all the gear it was time to head for blinds. Ricky, Michael, T-boy and his son Chase where all looking for Trophy Axis Bucks and Jamie and Gene were there to cook and try to tag a doe if possible. Well Jamie was nice enough to bring his caddy wagon ( Polaris Ranger ) for us to put around the ranch in and we put the machine to the the test. This ended up being a fun filled weekend with some nice deer shot and some new friends made. The first evening Ricky scored on a nice Axis Buck and a little later Michael connected with one as well.

Axis 4  Axis 12

Friday night we had some heavy rain through the night and early morning hours so everyone stayed in camp and slept in after a late night. After breakfast the guys went back into the pasture in search of more Axis Deer. Through the day we ended up getting a couple Axis Doe and shot at a couple bucks with no hits. As the evening winded down we spotted a good Axis buck and Chace put the wood to him. Great shot on a moving target. As we were headed in T-boy Chases dad redeemed himself and made a nice Texas heart shot on a good Axis Buck. Over all a pretty good weekend and some nice Axis Bucks taken. Forister Exotics  can’t wait to have the Houston Controls guys back in November! Congrats guys on some great animals!

Axis 11

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