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Summer Special Axis

Forister Exotics Archery Axis Hunts


A great Axis Buck taken on a mid summer archery hunt. We hunted hard and endured the heat but this Great Axis Buck finally gave in to the need for Water and taken at 40 yards. After a quick tracking job we found him piled up and proceeded to take pictures and headed to the skinning rack. Congrats on a great summer time Axis Archery hunt!

Midday Runway Axis Buck

Forister Exotics Axis Hunts

DGGuest Axis

After Ryan got his Fallow down we decided to look around and see if we could find something else to shoot. I told the guys we where seeing some good Axis bucks feeding midday. We made our way over to the pasture I had been seeing this Axis buck and after a ride through not seeing anything I decided to feed the runway and sit and watch it for a little while. After a few minutes we had probably 10 different Axis bucks feeding at 200 yards and various other species working in and out of the area feeding. We waited knowing a bigger Axis buck was bound to make his way out. out of nowhere we look up and this monster Axis buck is walking in. We tried to position for a shot knowing Ryan’s Rifle was good to 400 yards we didn’t feel like we needed to get closer just needed to get the right shot. Like big bucks of all species seem to do the Big Axis Buck just knew it was time to go. He made his way across the strip like he was moving to the closer corn then veered off to the brush never giving Ryan a clear shot. We waited a minute to see if the Axis Buck would come back out. Time to make a move and see if we can find the Axis Buck. As we made our way up deer began to run around confused and one big Axis buck went right in the same direction the Axis buck we where after left. About then the big Axis buck ran out right in front of us and turned and ran up the runway from us. Ryan was still locked in on second buck that had weak top tines. I quickly turned the truck sideways and Told Ryan the one on the left broadside. The Axis Buck had run up about 100 yards turned broadside and stopped to look back. Ryan quickly acquired the correct target and with one shot the Axis buck never took another step. Congrats Ryan on your trophy Axis Buck and another great hunt at Forister Exotics!

Houston Controls Summer Hunt 2014

Houston Controls made it to the ranch midday Friday and the guys were ready to get on some Axis deer. After a trip to the range and unloading all the gear it was time to head for blinds. Ricky, Michael, T-boy and his son Chase where all looking for Trophy Axis Bucks and Jamie and Gene were there to cook and try to tag a doe if possible. Well Jamie was nice enough to bring his caddy wagon ( Polaris Ranger ) for us to put around the ranch in and we put the machine to the the test. This ended up being a fun filled weekend with some nice deer shot and some new friends made. The first evening Ricky scored on a nice Axis Buck and a little later Michael connected with one as well.

Axis 4  Axis 12

Friday night we had some heavy rain through the night and early morning hours so everyone stayed in camp and slept in after a late night. After breakfast the guys went back into the pasture in search of more Axis Deer. Through the day we ended up getting a couple Axis Doe and shot at a couple bucks with no hits. As the evening winded down we spotted a good Axis buck and Chace put the wood to him. Great shot on a moving target. As we were headed in T-boy Chases dad redeemed himself and made a nice Texas heart shot on a good Axis Buck. Over all a pretty good weekend and some nice Axis Bucks taken. Forister Exotics  can’t wait to have the Houston Controls guys back in November! Congrats guys on some great animals!

Axis 11