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Long Distance Red Stag!

Forister Exotics Red Stag Hunts

doug red stag 2

Doug made his way back to the ranch For another go at Red Stag. Being late season I knew the Red Stag Bulls where in hiding so it might be a long hunt. We started by checking a few spots I had been seeing some Red stag Bulls hanging out only to find a couple young red stag and some hinds. We decided to head for the cedar and see if we could flush anything out into the open. After a couple passes we hadn’t seen any Red Stag that fit the bill. As Doug and I where regrouping and driving to another area of the ranch we spotted some Red Stag bulls just slowly walking a ridge going down into a valley. I didn’t have my range finder but I knew they where far. We spotted a Red Stag that Doug wanted to shoot and I cut the truck off as Doug readied for the shot. Doug let the .270 go and down went the Red Stag Bull as we praised the shot the bull got up and moved through the cedar. We made our way down to start trailing what ended up being a very short blood trail. Later after Doug had left I went back and ranged the shot at 350 yards and realized we probably should have tried to get a little closer. Regardless Doug made a heck of a shot on this Red Stag Bull! Congrats my friend on another good hunt!

Animals looking Good!

Driving through the ranch this morning I don’t recall this country being this green in July in a long time. Starting to heat up and get into the normal summer weather pattern for this time of the year. This morning on the pass through checking fence and water stations I saw our big Red Stag males and they are still in velvet growing but they looked impressive. I also ran across some giant mouflon sheep and some good Axis Bucks. Yesterday I was over at the ranch in Real County and had a chance to look at our Red Sheep and one of the Elk we have in the pasture over there. That Elk has really started to come along looks to be bigger than the 330 class bull he was last year. So anyone interested in a great Elk, absolutely fantastic Red Sheep, super nice Red Stag or some big Axis or mouflon give me a call and get your hunt booked today.


Elk 2014