Down to Blackbuck

Forister Exotics Blackbuck Hunts

Brody blackbuck

After a long morning chasing Axis this Blackbuck made the mistake of standing around to long. Brody was after Axis but had mentioned if we could get on a good Blackbuck also he might take one as well. The group this guy was running with ran into the cedar so I dropped Keith and Brody off and told them I would make a lap around the brush and they should come back out in the open. They did just what we wanted to just never held still before they made their way out of the clearing and down into the canyon. Keith knew the steep terrain would slow them down a little so he and Brody took off to the edge to try and catch up. As we waited at the top of the hill we finally heard the gun bark and the slap of a well placed shot. We made our way down to the scene in the buggy and snapped a few pics and loaded this nice Blackbuck up to take him to the cleaning shed. Congrats Brody on a good Blackbuck.

Archery Axis Spot and Stalk

Forister Exotics Axis Hunts

Bryan axis 1

Axis hunting is often times hard enough to pull off with a rifle, When this hunter said lets get one with a bow I knew we had our work cut out for us. We put Bryan in a couple different stands the first couple of hunts knowing we had axis on camera feeding at these locations I knew it would be our best shot. After a couple different sits and seeing tons of different animals the axis where just not going to play our game. Mid morning last full day to hunt we decided to break out the rifle and try to safari style one. We had ran across this buck a couple times and just couldn’t get him to stand long enough to get a shot. After the third time of losing him I knew where he went I told Bryan its a long shot but grab your bow I think we can get behind him and with this wind we might be able to get close enough. We made our way to the cedar and with the rain earlier in the morning I could see tracks leading down to an opening where the fence cornered. I hoped this was where he was headed, I told Bryan to post up on the trees about 40 yards from the fence and I would swing wide and hopefully turn the buck back to him. The plan came together when this Trophy Axis broke into the clearing and stopped at 10 yards. Bryan stuck one through the boiler and the rest is history. Congrats Bryan on a great buck!

Open Sights Aoudad

Forister Exotics Aoudad Hunts

usmon aoudad 1

Recently hosted the SSS hunting club from the greater Houston area. These folks harvest a lot of animals with us each trip and this was one from their last trip to the ranch. Impressive open sight 30-30 put this very nice Aoudad ram down with 2 shots. Great group of hunters looking forward to our next adventure. Congrats young man on a fine trophy Aoudad!


One Off The Bucket List For The Judge!

Forister Exotics Armenian Mouflon Hunts –

armenian judge

The Judge has made his way out to Forister Exotics a couple times the last few years and well he just has the luck on his side! He always knows what he’s after and comes well prepared! After talking to him for about a year and talking him into waiting and giving this particular Armenian Mouflon another year to grow we finally set a date for the hunt. Going back to the first phone conversation I had with the Judge I knew that the Armenian Mouflon was one of his all time animals that he would hold near and dear and cherish for as long as he could still gaze upon him in his trophy room. It is that kind of hunter that keeps us all going and raising these awesome animals. Armenian Mouflon are on every sheep hunters list and finding a good one isn’t always easy. Well our date with this beautiful Armenian Mouflon finally came around and when the Judge got to the ranch we decided to shoot his rifle and make sure it was on. After that we made the 20 mile trek to the ranch in Real county to begin the hunt. We got into the pasture with a couple hours of daylight left to hunt and made 2-3 stalk attempts but with hunter, guide and camera woman it just wasn’t working. We decided to fall back into an ambush position and wait for the Armenian Mouflon to make their way to water. We set up in a perfect position and the Armenian Mouflon filtered across a road about 150 yards away. The biggest ram in the group stepped out and I told the judge that’s him take him when he stops. The Armenian Mouflon didn’t know what hit him when the .243 barked and found the crease behind his left shoulder. He spun to make a run and fell in his tracks about 3 steps from where he was standing when he was shot. We gave him a few minutes just to be sure and then we made our way down to inspect the Judges trophy Armenian Mouflon. After a few pictures we made our way back to the skinning shed to prepare the animal for the Taxidermist. Congrats Judge on another awesome trophy taken at Forister Exotics!

Been an Awesome Season!

Whitetail Season Forister Exotics –

wb 1-2

Well with General Whitetail season coming to a close we take a look back at 2015 Whitetail season and what a great season it was here at Forister Exotics. We had some great folks young and old take home some excellent trophy Whitetail. From mistaken deer or accedently shooting a tagged deer to wounding one in bow season only to kill the same deer a month later with a rifle. We had it all happen this year. And we had a blast doing it! We met some new friends and hunted with some old ling time friends and made some great memories every trip out! A big thank you goes out to all the folks who hunted with us this past season. Some of you have already booked to come back next year and we can’t wait to have you back and to make more memories. Anybody looking for a great hunt for 2016 give me a call lets get you booked and on the calendar!

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