Whitetail Family Affair

Forister Exotics Whitetail Hunts

Log 1 WT

Been a super busy hunting season so the website is what gets put on the back burner trying to get caught up as I can. What a year for the Heuchtker (Hector) Family here at Forister Exotics lets recap real quick… D (mom) took an excellent Axis buck back in the summer time, Then they made a trip out during bow season and D( mom) took a nice 8 point with her crossbow. Logan took a shot with the crossbow on that trip but we did all we could and could not recover the deer even called in a tracking dog. So here they are for thanksgiving back for another round. First night of the hunt Logan, D, and myself decided to sit in a blind and see if we could find a deer for Logan. I flung some corn and got them settled and went to hide the jeep and sneak back to the stand. On the walk in I noticed a buck at the feeder and a ton of deer down the road in the corn. I got in and asked Logan if he had one picked out yet. Of course he was eyeing this buck at the feeder I said lets wait and see what else comes in. What a sit, we saw tons of deer and had 2 150″ bucks walk within 10 feet of the blind that will get a young mans heart racing. So as we waited the same buck that was at the feeder earlier reappeared in the road ahead of us, I told Logan if he liked that deer to go ahead and take him. I tell you what.. Logan is not one of the types you got to motivate to shoot a deer! With the green light on it might have taken 10 seconds from start to end. But Logan made a good shot and we where not going to have to call the dog in for this tracking job. The deer didn’t even take a step. After some high fives and and giving the deer a few minutes we proceeded to inspect the trophy and get some pictures. After a few pictures we went and gutted the beast and waited for dark to go pick up Jason and Hailey from their stand. As we stood admiring Logans trophy Logan noticed a mark on the deer’s back and pointed it out. This was Logans deer from bow season! He didn’t make the connection because during bow season Logan didn’t notice the split brow tine when he flung an arrow at him so we thought it was a 10 point that he had grazed. Once we cleaned the deer there was no doubt this deer had taken a broadhead through his backstrap. So for his encounter in October to come full circle and take the deer he missed I know made Logans day!

Day 2 broke with Logan myself and Jason on stand looking for something for Jason to shoot and scouting for turkey for Hailey. We watched a bunch of deer feed in and out of the set up all morning and then it was like a switch flicked and the deer went from feed mode to rut mode. All of the sudden from 5-600 yards off we spot a doe running to us, Then a buck, then another, and another. By the time the doe got to about 20-30 yards beside us there where probably 6-7 bucks trailing and fighting and posturing. What a site to experience. Then this big 8 point decided to show himself. I found out where Logan gets his patience from!! I told Jason to take that deer if he liked him and again once the deer and Jason got settled it was pretty quick and the shot was true! After a short tracking job and Logan the Eagle Eye spotted the buck down for the count we where back in picture mode celebrating another awesome trophy with the Hectors(Huechtkers)!

J WT 1

So to finish out the hunt we did a little fox calling in the rain and had a ball. We never found Hailey a turkey but maybe in the spring we can make it happen. Congrats to the Heuchkters on some great deer and making it a family affair!


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