Last Whitetail for 2014

Forister Exotics Whitetail Hunts

Dave wt 1

We had Dave down for the first weekend of 2015 last weekend of Whitetail Buck season here on Forister Exotics. We had a game plan to look for a Big 8 or 12 point we had been seeing in a feed location on a regular basis. I got Dave and his son set up in a pop-up blind and fed the setup pretty heavy knowing they where soon to be covered in Animals. I retreated to a high spot to watch the mornings events unfold. As light finally began to creep up on the horizon I could make out a big whitetail buck eating in the middle of the set up. As I waited for a shot I began to tell myself man he better shoot or the 100 animals in the area are going to clean him out and the morning hunt is going to be over. The Buck began to make his way out of the location and finally I hear a shot wring out but from my vantage point I did not see any reaction from the deer so I could tell it was a miss. I figured I better go get them and we could try to track the buck down and try to get another shot. I decided to give it a few minutes and I finally decided to go when I reached up to crank the truck I caught movement off the side of the feed location. No way… I remember telling myself, there’s no way that smart old buck is going to come back for another round! Sure enough here he came back into the corn. This time he proceeded to walk in at 60 yards and make his way directly toward the blind and give the hunter a 30 yard shot. He wouldn’t turn so Dave had to take a front on shot which at that distance should have been quite fine. As the deer trotted away his leg was showing serious damage and we figured he would be down just off the ridge. Once we hit blood we thought we would be in for a short track and we’d have our deer. Well 3 hours later my Friend from BloodTracker Jeff showed up with Taz and we where off on the track job again. After a few minutes we found the blood Taz was on and knew he was on the right track. A few minutes later we see Taz bouncing around a clump of Cedar like a quail dog when he knows the cuvvy is close but just cant quite find them! All of a sudden all hell breaks loose and we are following Taz down into a canyon at a full sprint with the whitetail buck in the lead. As we got to the bottom Taz had this buck bayed up and with no hunter in sight Jeff made the decision to end it with his trusty spear before his dog go the business end of this 12 point up close and personal. Ended up the bullet went in between the shoulder and the body cavity and exited behind the shoulder never hitting any of the vitals. As everyone made their way down to the scene we got the Whitetail buck posed and snapped a few shots with Dave, his awesome 12 point whitetail and Jeff and Taz jumped in to. I did a writeup on Bloodtracker earlier this year and if any of you used Jeff this fall you know what kind of dog he has. Anybody who was fortunate enough not to have to call Jeff just keep that number in your phone for the dreaded day because he is sure to turn your day around thanks again Jeff. It Is a thing of beauty to watch a good dog work and do the job he is bred and trained to do. I know he made Dave’s day a little brighter. Congrats Dave on a great Whitetail Buck and cant wait to have you guys back for spring Turkey.

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