Late Season Whitetail

Forister Exotics Whitetail Hunts

George WT 1

Dave had been down a few times in 2014 and made a trip back to finish out the year bringing a couple of his friends to join him on a late season Whitetail hunt at Forister Exotics. We started out stand hunting and George was after a nice 130 class whitetail buck.  We hunted hard for 3 days seeing a ton of whitetail bucks just not one he was ready to fill his tag on until the last evening. George and Dave where sitting together in the stand and as darkness started to creep in a good whitetail buck made his way into the stand. Both hunters having hunted most of their lives knew it was getting late and this was for sure the best Whitetail that had come in front of them in 2 days but both hunters knew this deer might be a little to big. With it being the last night of the hunt the guys figured they better decide quickly and decided this would be Georges whitetail buck. After picking up and putting the gun down 3-4 times in the deciding process George finally lifted it 1 more time. With shooting light fading George made a good shot and the deer didn’t make it 20 yards. George and Dave made their way down to the deer to find a heck of a 10 point whitetail buck laying dead George told Dave ” I think we might be in trouble”. I had made my way to the gate to the pasture they where hunting and stopped and told myself give them 5 more minutes and thankfully I did. Once we measured the deer we found out they had a 1/4 inch to spare. Congrats George on a great whitetail deer!


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