Elk…Why Colorado when Texas Has it All

Forister Exotics Elk Hunts –

mike Elk 1

For a guy like Mike who had been to Colorado multiple times with little success for an animal that he had desired for many years he was ready to put his Elk on the wall. After an unsuccessful trip to Colorado earlier in the year Mike had an exotic trip booked with Forister Exotics he had mentioned he might be looking for a good Elk bull. Well on the first day of the hunt I told him we had been feeding a couple Elk bulls in 1 pasture here at the ranch and that I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get on one. I proceeded to tell him about a hunt a month or so before their arrival where we hunted for 4 days in the same pasture and only saw a glimpse of a Elk bull 1 time in those 4 days. So knowing that we might be in for a pretty grueling couple of days I told mike we should hunt early over the spot we had been feeding the alfalfa in that pasture that I thought the Elk bull was hitting it early and then going back into the canyon country in the pasture. So with nothing to show for our efforts the first day we went back the second day and we quickly found the Elk hunt coming together. Mike looked at me as the elk made his way into view and said that’s a nice bull. I told him if he liked that one to go ahead and take him when he was ready. Mike steadied the 300 WSM and cracked the first shot into the morning air. I told Mike to keep shooting till the Elk was down so he wouldn’t get off into the canyon behind the opening and mike sent 2 more rounds down range and the elk fell just before the brush line. Some times a plan just comes together and sometimes you spend 4 days chasing your tail glad this one turned out better than that. We quickly got a trailer and tractor down in the area and made our way to the skinning shed. Congrats Mike on a Nice Texas Elk.

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