Fox Running Wild

Forister Exotics Predator Hunts

pred 1

While the Davis family was at the ranch for their Mouflon hunt they wanted to try something new. None of them had ever been on a predator hunt before so I was hoping we would have a good night to show them how fun and hot the action can be. The first stand I think we shot at 3 different fox before killing the 4th one we had called in. I have predator hunted all over the state for a long time and I know how being a first timer getting accustomed to shooting at night and finding a good rest from the top of a pickup isn’t always easy. So we recovered Jacobs first fox of the night and continued on. A few more stands and things where getting good I think by this time we already had half of a box of shells gone. One stand we had a fox sneak in behind us and I got Les on him and he shot and hit him so he handed the gun to his wife Paula and her first attempt she smoked a fox at 50 yards free handed. Come on guys you aren’t going to let her out shoot you are you i ribbed the guys. We got down and collected the prize of a good stand and moved on to the next stop. On this stand I caught eyes sneaking through the brush next to us and I am pretty sure it was the bobcat I have been seeing in that area. Whatever it was it quickly gave us the slip. After several more minutes of calling I catch eyes bouncing across the valley and the first fox comes bounding in to about 50 yards and Jacob makes a good shot on him. I was getting ready to turn the caller off and I heard another one down wind of us barking. I quickly changed the sound and a few seconds later the fox came racing out to the truck. This time Jacob couldn’t get steady and the fox got away. as we made our way to the next spot the wind picked up to 20+ mph and it made the rest of the evening a little colder and less productive although we shot 3 more times only getting one more fox to add to the pile. At the end of the last stand I spotted a ringtail off in the distance in a tree. I quickly grabbed my .22 and made my way to the tree. The ringtail was trying to come down the tree when I got a shot in him with the .22. He ran over into the cactus near by and I painfully followed. I finally got him pinned down with the gun and ended up having to knock him in the head with it. I retrieved him and showed the Davis family what I think is one of the coolest critters around. By this time it was getting late and we had a Mouflon to tackle in the morning so we called it a night. Congrats on an exciting night of hunting!

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