Got Blood?

Through a friend of mine I met the owner of Tazz & Candy Mr. Jeff Beauregard. Jeff and his team of dogs are second to none. If anyone hunting in the Rocksprings or West Texas area and need a dog to find a deer Give Jeff a call. Jeff just bought some property in Rocksprings primarily for Tazz to work. Jeff will be in the area most of deer season and more in the future with them having property in the area now. Visit their site and watch the dogs at work on some of their videos. Don’t let another deer be lost this season. Jeff resides in New Mexico so I would assume anywhere between here and there he would be willing to help out. If you call him tell him where you found him…Forister Exotics. Just doing my part to help any hunter out of a bad situation. I have been there…lost a deer or two over the years just to find him under a flock of buzzards a day or two later. Not a good feeling knowing my odds would have been a lot better with a dog like Tazz working for me. Hopefully you wont need it but take the number write it down and post it at your lodge or camp this hunting season.

Blood tracker

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