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Been an Awesome Season!

Whitetail Season Forister Exotics –

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Well with General Whitetail season coming to a close we take a look back at 2015 Whitetail season and what a great season it was here at Forister Exotics. We had some great folks young and old take home some excellent trophy Whitetail. From mistaken deer or accedently shooting a tagged deer to wounding one in bow season only to kill the same deer a month later with a rifle. We had it all happen this year. And we had a blast doing it! We met some new friends and hunted with some old ling time friends and made some great memories every trip out! A big thank you goes out to all the folks who hunted with us this past season. Some of you have already booked to come back next year and we can’t wait to have you back and to make more memories. Anybody looking for a great hunt for 2016 give me a call lets get you booked and on the calendar!

Houston…We Have Exotics

Forister Exotics Corporate Exotic Hunting


Jamie with Houston Controls brought a group out last month and we put them on some good hunting. The second fall trip was set for this past weekend and early in the week Jamie forwarded me the guest list. 12 hunters and a couple extra maybe to shoot a doe if they can. Ok no problem we got this. first day we wanted to spread everyone out and try to get some animals down and we started quickly. by the end of the first evening we had a few nice Blackbuck down. Second day brought a few more whitetail and Exotics in to the skinning shed. Saturday night we made a few laps with the spotlight and found 1 good axis buck lurking around. Sunday morning we where able to finish up the hunt with a couple of nice whitetail, a fallow buck and a stag. Congrats to all of these great people for their trophies and we thank Houston Controls for another great weekend of hunting and fellowship with some excellent folks.


Big Bucks Down

Forister Whitetail Hunts

Jeff WT 1

We had a great group of guys out for 3 days last week looking for good whitetail deer and we landed on some nice ones. Patience was the key as the deer each hunter was after kind of played with us showing up at different stands and we played musical stands till everyone caught up with the deer they were after. The buck in the picture above was one of the larger deer took on the trip and Jeff made a great shot. A long couple of days but these guys hung in there and got some pretty good whitetail for their efforts. A bunch of guys from blacktail country that some of these deer where their very first whitetail way to set the bar high guys. Hopefully next year we have some bigger to chase! Thanks guys and congrats on some great bucks.

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